Welcome Home!

Make yourself a nice cup of tea, or a hot chocolate if that's more your style?

This is my little carved-out hole in the internet! I am VERY new to web design and html but it turns out this is FUN and REWARDING. Feel free to explore! over time this lil place will be filled with loads of little pages to find and places to go!

this site is not mobile friendly. sorry (not really. but if its any consolation, it should look fine on tablets. i occassionally work on this site from my ipad and honestly it doesnt look Awful)


16/03/23 woah i've been neglecting this place! this week i've added a shrine and a shrine nav page. and i actually added links to the sitemap!
21/02/23- added an about me page (home and 'about me' are now seperate!), and spiced things up with a few dividers!
19/02/23-added the credits, love page and 404 page!
18-02-23-updated the nav bar to be a javascript program! should make things a little quicker!