oh god okay HII hello.

  • Name: Cyrus
  • Gender: common blackbird
  • Pronouns: they/them
  • Hobbies: Gaming, painting, character design, writing, actually pretty much all non-aural arts that can be achieved with paper and pencil, Theatre
  • Likes: Strawberry flavoured things, Lemon flavoured things, summer, cumulonimbus clouds, Cats, Indie music, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Shakespeare, oversaturated colours and jingly noises (i am a child)

hello! :) I'm Cyrus! I have a real love for y2k aesthetics and web bc that's what i spent my little hermit childhood exploring and idolising. I'm now old enough for y2k to be considered cringe but cringe culture is dead and i'm determined to make this the site that my 7 year old self wished they had.

As a nerd on the internet, i think it's safe to assume that by y2k i mean scene specifically, and anyone who's met me irl knows i wear enough bracelets to serve as a human rattle. the bright colours that i wear just build on this. i am essentially a walking sensory toy. ("the REAL reason you jingle is so we don't lose you every time we go out!" -a friend after i got lost in a fucking primark)
I knew nothing about html or web design before i signed up for a neocities website. I am learning as i go and honestly it's like. the most fun i've had in years. This is also an excuse to not think about my a-levels. which are HAPPENING!! RIGHT NOW!!! AAARGH????.
do not do a-level history. it just isnt worth it. just don't.
A good poke around will probably reveal some fun facts about me!! if you really want to stalk me, try my shrines for a list of interests and then also further information on some of those interests.

the navigation bar above us has a character tab filled with characters that i've birthed from my mentally ill head.

personality quiz results!

i normally collate these on a folder on my pc but i realise that this is literally the perfect place to stick em all!!

I am a Mew!