baby's breath

I have cried over your utter talent and love for stagecraft at least 3 times before (including the talent show that you 'auditioned' for). I drafted several post-show paragraphs that i never sent you. you were absolutely born to be on the stage and with other performers. stage lights turn into stars in your eyes and there is nothing more magical. THAT BEING SAID. it cannot be understated how utterly magical you ARE. you are so so pretty. I joke about painting you often but honestly you are fucking RADIANT. you manage to make a potato sack look cute its honestly astounding. i have never known someone so willing to take time out to help and comfort others. you've got an absolute gift in the form of comforting others and I am so so so grateful for it. AND YET. you manage to be one of the kindest people ive met who also has the ability to take absolutely zero shit. the way you tear into those who have wronged you or your friends is both hysterical and cuttingly correct all the time. You've walked through hell backwards and you STILL find the energy to be patient with people, even those who are being very silly. also, i actually can't listen to the orignal version of ceilings anymore. i think i've listened to you absent-mindedly sing it so many times that you are (in my mind) the definitive version of that song. the original just doesnt hit the same as yours, even when you resort to humming half of the lyrics. every time i see baby's breath flowers i think of you. and i think of the way your face lights up whenever you recieve them. i think i'd die before i could meet anyone who is simultaneously as humble and talented, patient and tough, and as bright and glowing as you are.
in the event jack sees this. which he will. soz lad i just dont know you well enough. youre funny sometimes but you dress like a homeless man.

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