God's Insurance

please ignore the title of the webpage. i pinky promised to myself that if i thought of anything else i'd change it but it turns out that's a lot of re-coding that i am simply too lazy to do. ANYWAY. onto our FRIENDSHIP. we actually arent that close and it makes me sad! everyone in our group holds you in such high regards and for very very good reason. you are SO kind and patient. even in the face of shitty arguments you are kind, which is something we all know is sadly rare. hopefully i can add to this over time bc this is egregiously short when i feel like there is just so much to love about you! you're very fashionable but you know that! ALSO UR SO FUNNY. like i lOVE how sometimes we can literally glance at each other and burst into laughter. its like ur psychic. also. i had to TRAWL for DAYS to find a "bad" photo of you for powerpoint night, and i still couldnt. like. what the fuck. you just radiate so many good vibes that they shine through in photos and make it impossible to capture a bad angle. one day i'll find a bad photo of you and it'll be one of my most prized possessions.

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