sage dragon

where do i begin? you could turn around and say you were christ in disguise and I would not be shocked. you are so so so kind, and there is so much love that you have to give. every time you have complimented or re-assured me, i have nearly cried. You're one of the hardest workers i know that also has a relatively good work/life balance, something that i absolutely envy you for. Every time you show off something you have made, whether it be food or physical arty things, it inspires me to pick up my half finished projects, so i can show them off with the same level of pride and love that you do. i once wrote a poem about you because i was utterly dazzled by the way you demand kindness in the face of adversity. every time i talk to you i want, so dearly, to be my best self and to be my kindest self so that i can do you proud. you see people for all their best traits, and are immune to all of their insecurities. I said before that i wouldnt be surprised if you were christ in disguise and the way you give compliments is absolutely one of those reasons. you have this innate ability to look into someone and see their fears and worries, and give them a compliment that banishes those anxieties. as the french musical said, to love another person is to see the face of god, and i think you've found god in the details of all of your friends. and i aspire to be like you more and more every day. to have that level of love absolutely radiating from me would be an honour.

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