sage dragon

where do i begin? you could turn around and say you were christ in disguise and I would not be shocked. you are so so so kind, and there is so much love that you have to give. every time you have complimented or re-assured me, i have nearly cried. You're one of the hardest workers i know that also has a relatively good work/life balance, something that i absolutely envy you for. it's kinda wild to think of just how much of an impact you've had on me. we've literally known eachother for like. 6 months. (and in that first month you MADE ME A WHALE? what??? sorry but I am now a little bit in love with you and will be forever.). i once wrote a poem about you because i was utterly dazzled by the way you demand kindness in the face of adversity. every time i talk to you i want, so dearly, to be my best self and to be my kindest self so that i can do you proud. . Also, how does it feel to be the most populous model on the Eye Spread? Thank you for enabling my weird hobbies, and thank you for letting me be part of yours! I hate modelling, but (yet again) modelling for you never felt overly horrifying or embarrassing -- even when I had my entire head stuffed inside a pair of tights. And maybe that's because of your ability to see people for all their best traits without even considering their flaws for a second. it's contagious. Returning to reasons why i wouldnt be surprised if you were christ in disguise (as if that isn't solid proof.); the way you give compliments is absolutely up there. you have this innate ability to look into someone and see their fears and worries, and give them a compliment that banishes those anxieties.

Thank you for all the times you've driven me home. For the midnight carpool one direction karaoke (whilst i was sobbing my eyes out and liv held my hand). Its weird, but I don't think i knew peace until i was in your car. every single time i've been in your car i've been able to just breathe and relax in a way i very very rarely get to experience. even when you stall in the middle of a roundabout it feels impossible to actually get that stressed. (maybe minty deserves her own paragraph.) as les mis said, to love another person is to see the face of god, and i think you've found god in the details of all of your friends. and i aspire to be like you more and more every day. to have that level of love absolutely radiating from me would be an honour.

(and, if you were ever wondering what that poem was. it was about how i thought hope probably looked a little bit like you. safety pinned clothing, plastered hands, and a stubborn refusal to be ignored.)

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