resident mercie

im so glad our friendship was rekindled! what a joy you are to have in my life! the memes you send me never fail to make me smile. you've been through some fucking awful shit, but you still manage to give other people reasons to smile. i absolutely adore the way you handle your passions and interests. you manage to turn 'obsessive internet girlie' into an aesthetic and im SO JEALOUS? also you are so pretty. like SO so pretty. u dye your hair every like 6 months but it always turns out to be such a slay. imagine being able to pull off ANY look. you dont have to imagine it because you DO. thank you for being the person i can run to when i get some fucking anecdotes, or when i just need to geek out. a lot of my fondest memories come from playing various nintendo IPs with you, or sitting down and going absolutely hogwild discussing them. also who am i if i dont discuss your mother-hugging DOGS. all three!! little beafts!! little creechurs. comedic geniuses. i love them all! I feel so honoured that i get to listen to you talk about everything all the time. all your wild stories, and all your plans for the next few months. also sorry about the epithet. i know its a little on the nose. i was considering 'hatsune miku' but i thought that might be a little vague.

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