stick and poke (at 5 am)

HELLO. you’re sat directly in front of me whilst i’m writing this, so at any point you fully could turn around and whip my ipad away and read this. hopefully you wont! but i trust you enough not to bc that would Ruin The Fun. speaking of trust, by god am i glad to have you. you have talked me through the wildest moments of my relationships and breakups and managed to make me laugh when honestly i probably was one stubbed toe away from wailing. you are SO funny it’s honestly a little spooky. anyway. you are absolutely stunning. you have your aesthetic and by god do you stick to it. thank you for the eggy bread and the midnight tattoos and the plethora of cat photos. you are the very definition of tough love and i am SO grateful. i think a lot of people mistake tough love for just. being a prick. but when you help people (me) out of tricky situations you do so with care, but not to the point of letting them (me) go without realising that they're (i'm) also in the wrong. maybe you can give me a stick and poke for my birthday and i'll try not to cry.

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