Saph (she/her)

now technically this isnt my character. it's my friend's. but Saph and Cynthia share a house, so Cynthia would just be a little lonely without her. Sapphire Grandtree [no middle name given] is a 20-something neko living in Rosewood with her pal Cynthia. The cause of most of the trouble in town, Saph means well, but also wants to have some fun, dammit!
She's a big fan of anything galaxy print or otherwise early 2010s style. She has a very large immediate family back home, all similarly named after gemstones. this means that saph is the middle kid who doesn't really know what she's doing or who she is (she's convinced her siblings outshine her). Either way she loves adventure and exciting experiences with her friends. She just wants to do what she loves and have fun. She also likes writing. (ash if you see this and you have updated art send me it pretty please!!)

Cynthia (she/they)

THIS is my character. and i love her ever so dearly. Cynthia Beau Aubrey [styled Cynthia B. Aubrey in any important documents] hails from Blossome, a far reach across the pond from lowly Rosewood. It's a mystery how she got here, though some suggest seeing a shooting star on the very same night. Every morning she does a paper run, and then spends the afternoons behind the till in the local independant bookshop. Luckily, she seems perfectly content with the slower paced working life. It pays the bills and she loves to recommend a new book to whoever will ask!
The world of Bleach co. and her friends is wildly different to the world of Blossome, and if her parents ever saw the type of people she hangs around with, she's 90% certain they'd have a heart attack. There's few things she misses about her hometown, but she'll admit she never quite acclimated to the change in air pressure. luckily there's medicine for that. Generally she's scared of the long-term, and would rather live now and pray to god the future untangles itself in the background. Want a more detailed bio? read here!