Name, full: Cynthia Beau Marie Aubrey
Name, used: Cynthia B. Aubrey
Aliases: Cynth

  • Marie Aubrey (Mother)
  • X Aubrey (Father)
  • Belle Aubrey (Sister)
  • Haley Aubrey (Sister)
Age: 20-Something
Pronouns: She/They
Orientation: Bi-ro/Ace

Born into a fairly wealthy family, Cynthia is the middle of the Aubrey triplets. (Yes, even being
born mere minutes apart has great consequence in the material world.) As a teen she entertained
herself with dreams of rebellion. The life she had led so far was so strict and clean, but it didn't
provide much comfort, she thought. Her friends seemed to agree, as she had drifted towards her disillusioned and directionless peers, much to her parents' chagrin.

As a result, Cynthia spent the bulk of her evenings outside loitering. Tensions had started to build between her, and her dear mother, who knew no humiliation like that of being told her baby daughter is terrorizing the town by standing outside buildings in a denim jacket. But, as these things often do, the tensions led to Cynthia choosing to spend more time away from the lectures of her mother and more time with her like-minded friends, which then led to more loitering, and more tension and so on and so forth. It was unbearable, but Cynthia simply could not imagine staying at home and sitting pretty. She had to be out, she didn't know what else to do.

It was on one of these evenings in late spring that Cynthia and her friends discovered something incomprehensible. On reflection, she'd liken it to something eldritch, but things like that tend to paralyze you. Well, either way, it might be worth laying down a little bit of context. Blossome (A grand city located on some form of floating island) prided itself on its clean, beautiful streets and sights, but all of that luxury had to be made somewhere. Enter: The Skirt. the outer reaches of the city were known as The Skirt, and consisted of all the dirty work. Every factory, quarry or building there, that wasn't already derelict, was completely automated, and could be managed remotely if anything did go awry, meaning that The Skirt was entirely void of people. As a rule, most of these buildings were practically inaccessible and invisible to the naked eye, hidden behind beautiful forests and hand-carved wall murals. However, if you were a wayward teen wishing for a bit of real solace, the whole area was waiting for you with open arms.

Past the forests and gilded walls, the skirt was a mess of chain-link fences and weeds that reached up to cynthia's knees. The evening chill had settled in now, and goosebumps spread up her shins and to her lower thighs. Away from all of the glitter of the city, a few stars were now visible, and the dusk painted everything in shadow. Weirdly, the area still had pavements and (albeit broken) streetlights, almost as if the place could have hosted living workers. The automated technology must have caught up before any jobs could have opened up, she thought. The other teens were ecstatic. A whole playground left for them!

"Yo, check this place out! Oh my Gods!" one girl cried, giving herself a running start before leaping onto the fence in front of them. A few others followed suit and launched themselves into the wire, laughing at the way its rattles echoed down the whole length. On the other side of this fence, was a grim looking factory. The whole building seemed to be covered in soot. If any building was going to be abandoned, this was surely it.

One of the boys crouched down to the corner of the fence, and pulled back a great chunk of it to create a passage.

"Come on, let's poke around," He said, crawling through to the other side.
Some girls protested, but those on the fence seemed overjoyed at an excuse to clamber over it. Cynthia crawled under the fence, almost refreshed at the feel of concrete against her knees and palms. the blooming pink scrapes were proof that she was living for once. Once the rest of the gang could be convinced to come over (through tried-and-tested peer pressure with a dash of taunting), Cynthia was able to examine the ruin ahead.


This story is being rewritten!
This is a first draft intended to help myself solidify aspects of the story! It is clunky in places and the characters are very shallow, so soz in advance B)