bears in trees

beans in trees // bones in teens // bees in tees // brees in tears

bears in trees are a dirtbag boyband from south london, formed in 2014. They call themselves a dirtbag boyband as a way of taking emphasis out of the genre of music they produce, and into the meaning and quality behind it instead! In one of their interviews, they described their music as 'music for people who are trying to get better' and honestly. yeaj.,,

disco graphy

favourite song. no wait. favourite songS


playlist / starter pack

i have formulated the perfect bears in trees playlist to trick people into thinking its normal music. and then BAM. hit right in the internalized self-hatred and desire to get better.

fave lines

"so sweet we'd make a magpie swoon."
"wouldn't you love to be young and fragile again (it's quite alright to hate me now)"
"i love my friends // they make me feel alive again // or at least they remind me // that im not even dead"
"pieces of me line the pavement // my blood soaks the cracks in the road"
"mangled words across your floodlit faces"